There may be many days that are tough for kids in the hospital, but for kids at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, the day ends with a bright beacon of hope. Since 2008, at 8:30pm each evening, hotels, yacht clubs, police cruisers, restaurants, and tugboats flicker their lights off and on to participate in the Good Night Lights display. Children are invited to respond by shining flashlights down to the coastal community. This gives children in the hospital the warmth of knowing that they are loved and cared for and it allows the community to have the opportunity to cheer up children who are in a time of need.


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  • sandip sheta

    hope---humanity---happiness----live in the world till the date.

  • Ella de Jong

    It's the simpleness , the fact that EVERYONE can do this , the interaction between people who don't know each other ... It's possible and it happens, every day: taking care ... "It gives you a sense of hope ..." and that's what we all need!! It makes me so happy to see this! I'm trying to write a simple book HELP! about how we ALL can be helpful for troubled youth . This inspires me to achieve my goal !

  • Linda B

    More of this expression, especially to our children, who are our future, could make a huge difference in a young mind. Believing that even those humans who don't know you whatsoever, still care about showing you they care.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    What a beautiful simple way to allow those children to know they are thought of and seen and what a cool way to participate together!

  • Rita

    For all the awfulness our in the world, this reminds me that there is so much more goodness in humanity than awfulness. Thanks for reminding me of the great presence and power of hope and love. 💕

  • Mish

    What inspired me was how people care about these kids & act on it. Beautiful.

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  • Learn more about how this tradition started.
  • If you live in or are traveling to Providence, Rhode Island, make it a point to participate in the ritual.
  • Create a way for your local community to brighten the day (or night) of children in a nearby hospital, even if it's not specifically a children's hospital. 

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