Armed with nothing more than a tiny camera and a microphone, childhood friends Nathanaël Coste and Marc de la Menardiere, the duo behind this film, are on a mission to uncover the causes of our current global crisis and discover a way to bring about change. Full of incredible testimonials from activists, philosophers, biologists and indigenous spiritual leaders, the film asks us to consider our rapport with nature and encourages us to regain confidence in our ability to bring about change within ourselves in order to create change within our society. If you'd like to see the full movie after watching this trailer, you can do so for free online until 23 April 2017 by signing up on the film website, whose link is given in the first "be the change" action item for this video.


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  • Carole Bennett

    How proactive two longtime friends sought out different philosophies from around the world. With the curiosity and forethought of how to make a difference in people lives.

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  • Visit the Quest for Meaning website to sign up to see the full movie online for free until 23 April 2017.
  • Speaking of making change, check out this list from "The Positivity Blog" of Ghandi's Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World.
  • Change the world by changing yourself. Spend this week practicing forgiveness whenever something happens that causes a negative reaction within you. Here is a brief article about forgiveness.

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