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William Shakespeare said “The eyes are the window to the soul.” But many dogs arrive at shelters with their eyes so covered in dirt and matted fur that they are practically invisible. It is no wonder it is hard to find them homes. Mark Imhof had been working as a accountant for 10 years when his fiancee encouraged him to do what he truly loved, working with animals. Imhof started his own grooming business in October 2016 but he still volunteers each week at the Animal Care Centers of NYC. ACC found homes for over 6500 dogs and cats in 2017, and Imhof is an important part of their work. Dogs he treats are often shy and fearful at first. Once he frees them from their filth and matted coats they become different animals, friendlier and joyful, and more likely to find a human to love them. Grooming also fulfills an important medical need. Matted fur can block eyesight, prevent a vet from giving a thorough exam, and can even get so bad it cuts off circulation to their legs. Imhof, who is now called “The Dog Guy,” is happier too after each job. In this video he puts it simply: “I love changing these animals’ lives.”


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  • Lea

    Such an amazing man! God bless him.

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