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More than 50,000 refugees are stranded in Greece in makeshift camps and tent cities, awaiting asylum. And the children are bored and restless. With no resources, teachers, curriculum or books, entrepreneurs Maria Calafatis and Stavros Messinis discovered the School in the Clouds methodology and Self Organized Learning Environment (SOLE) concept that they used to launch a pilot project in Central Athens for refugee children housed in temporary shelters. Currently hosted at The Cube Athens, a co-working space for start-ups founded by Messinis, the organizers hope to take their program on the road to reach other camps situated throughout Greece.


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  • Find out more about SOLE Greece, the organization behind the first refugee school in Athens based on Self Organizing Learning Environments.
  • UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency, estimates that there are 65.3 million people worldwide that have been forcibly displace from their homes, 21.3 million of whom are refugees.
  • Spark creative inquiry in a child you know by asking a "big question" such as: What makes people happy?

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