Protecterra Ecological Foundation was founded in 2011 with a vision and dream of a sustainable planet, a more sensitive people, and a global society that respects nature, and comes together in solidarity to heal and protect earth. Protecterra facilitates numerous initiatives principled on values of education, awareness, and outreach. This video documents one such initiative -- Protecterra's Farm, "an offering of Love, Awareness and Learning," that is based within the city of Pune, India. The Farm "offers a green escape from the madness of urban life" via farm stays, organic farming, meditation, conscious dinners, community living, an open kitchen, and several other offerings designed with simplicity to spur self-discovery and self-healing.


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  • Pooja Bhale

    Thank you KarmaTube for this video and the beautiful write up. The encouragement keeps us going!

  • Kay

    Simplicity and gratitude for all things! I experienced peace just watching the video. Thank you!

  • Sidonie Grace

    The simplicity of the project makes it all the more admirable and heart-warming. Way to go! Thanks very much for daring so wholeheartedly. Kudos and Namasté!

  • Kristof

    In the direction towards truth there are no mistakes,the simplest act is full of essence . Thank You so much for leading the way.

  • Liz Mitten Ryan

    This simple way of life is the way of our ancestors and the answer to sustaining life on the earth. Helping people connect to this memory is so

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  • Learn more about Protecterra's core principles and offerings.
  • For more inspiration here's a video of a young environmentalist who took the UN by storm.
  • Spend sometime away from your screens and with nature today. What action can you take today that would be protective of earth?

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