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Charlie Pomroy had moved to Cambodia in 2011 with a desire to help others. As a football (soccer) coach he met an extremely talented, young player, Keo Sophal, and asked him about pursuing a career as a professional athlete. Sophal’s response was surprising, especially coming from a 19 year old. “First I help Cambodia, then I help myself.” Sophal and Pomroy have found a way to achieve their dreams together. They founded Next Step in 2014, based in Siam Reap, the fifth largest city in Cambodia. From the outside the company seems like a simple sports program serving underprivileged youth. It is, however, much more than that. Pomroy and Sophal view football as a way to bring communities together and improve the lives of the children they serve. Sophal believes “Team spirit is the most important thing in football.” The hope is that giving these youth a purpose and a sense of belonging will boost everyone up, improving the lives of the people of Siam Reap, then perhaps all of Cambodia. Then, who knows? Maybe the world….


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  • Brian

    Thanks Team. He has a purposeful vision. Where there is purpose, there can be great joy...Peace through futbol...

  • Ramesh Vaidya

    The love for community service overtook personal prosperity.

  • Tamilyn

    He love of others ... above all else the answer to everything that is evil I’d people loving people ❤️

  • Lois Doig

    That Keo Sophal is helping his fellow Cambodians first; too often more developed countries take the best and remove them from the, have not, developing countries, in essence, continuing to take the resources, not allowing them to build from their resources.

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  • Follow Next Step on Facebook to keep up with their important work.
  • Help children in your area find a purpose in life.  Volunteer at a local youth sports league or start your own.
  • Have sports equipment lying around, no longer being used?  Consider donating it to give it, and a needy young person, new life.

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