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What do you like about cycling? For many, it is a sense of freedom and mobility, and for those of us who don't have to wear helmets, the feeling of the wind in our hair. And this is what Cycling With Age offers to the elderly who are no longer able to propel themselves on a bicycle. But more than that, it allows a deeper connection between the young and old, facilitating the sharing of memories of the past and stories of the future.


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  • Learn more about Cycling With Age and find out how to set up a chapter in your local community.
  • Take a look at another inter-generational community: The Nursing Home That's Also a Dorm, where college students are given free lodging for giving time to the residents of the nursing home.
  • Check in with a local retirement or nursing home to see how you might be able to give a bit of your time to the senior residents in these communities.

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