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Even with today's medical advances, receiving an HIV diagnosis is devastating, especially in places like Indonesia where there is not as much awareness and information about the disease. Many still see the diagnosis as a death sentence and there is a lot of stigma around the disease. Ginan Koesmayadi faced discrimination after he was diagnosed with HIV, even from close friends and family members. This inspired him to take action. He and four others founded Rumah Cemara to support those who live with HIV/AIDS or drug addiction. The organization set up a boxing camp for the community. While many were afraid to go at first out of fear of infection, they realized that those with HIV are just like them.


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  • Learn more about Rumah Cemara.
  • Read about HIV to educate yourself and others and to break the stigma.
  • Don't judge someone solely on the fact that they are HIV positive. Love them just as you would anyone else. 

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