Can you imagine the water needed by a single village? How about by a thousand villages? Thanks to the decades-long efforts of conservationist and ecologist Dr. Rajendra Singh, known as the Waterman of India, dry land has come to know over 11,600 water bodies, rivers have begun to flow again, and a thousand villages received access to life-giving water. For Dr. Singh, though, restoring the availability and abundance of a precious natural resource is much more than a practical matter. Water, for Dr. Singh, also holds a precious lesson: “With disciplined use of water, we create the healing of water.”


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  • Learn more about Dr. Singh and about his organization Tarun Barat Sangh.          
  • See how water is portrayed as a unifying force among us all in this short split-screen film, The Liquid of Life.
  • What gifts of perspective or reflection can water bring to you, alongside your care for this natural resource?

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