A film by HooplaHa.

13 year old Meg had dreamed of being a dancer, but she had an obstacle to overcome: she had cerebral palsy and couldn't walk the 17 steps up to the dance studio that had accepted and welcomed her. With support and encouragement, she made the journey of a thousand miles that for anyone else was a mere 17 steps. Having accepted that challenge, she began to dance in her own special way. In this video, the dance studio shares her story to remind us that the journey is the destination. If we all work together and respect each other's unique needs and strengths, we can create beautiful dances together in this miraculous life.


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  • Liz PimentelGopal

    A beautiful video reminding us of the strength in community. 17 steps: we all have them. I'll remember this as struggles arise to meditate while doing 17 steps to honor Meg's beauty and strength.

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