“Sometimes, in order to find a bat, you have to get into some rather tight squeezes in a cave.” Indeed! Speaking from experience, Merlin Tuttle shares the story of his life passion for bat research and nature conservation, which eventually led to the founding of Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation, an organization that continues to invite curious volunteers of all paths of life on the journey of discovery of this commonly, historically misunderstood creature. Through this short escapade into the hollows of trees and nocturnal nesting grounds, we learn about the hidden world of a life form that has much to teach us yet about our ecosystem and our own perceptions.


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  • Annabelle Ball

    It's great to see an animal often feared being so appreciated! Such a cute video!

  • Adrienne Kernan

    The spiritual aspects of nature

  • Tracy Herrick

    I love bats. So wonderful to see kind people studying and taking care of these beautiful, often misunderstood beings!

  • John Schellinger

    Here in Panama I could become a citizen scientist and would love to take the opportunity sooner than later. Great video of very enthusiastic and wonderful folks!

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