Everyone deserves access to fresh, clean clothes, but for many around the world, clean laundry is a luxury they cannot afford. Inspired by his college volunteer work with the homeless, 21-year-old Nicholas Marchesi founded the nonprofit organization, Orange Sky Laundry, a free laundromat-on-wheels for Australia's low income and homeless population. Since 2014, the organization has provided more than 300,000 pounds of clean laundry to those struggling in 12 cities across the continent. In addition to offering washing and drying services, the organization teams up with other agencies that offer free showers, hot meals and medical care, and has more than 620 volunteers. "Clean clothes and conversation is really at the heart of what Orange Sky Laundry does," says Marchesi. Press play to learn more about the thoughtful hearts behind the drivers' seats!


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  • Sharonmo

    This is the most loving, inspiring and creative way I have seen for community focused assistance to those who need a hand up and are valuable but not valued. I am so moved by this story and the young man who is a better human being; being it, living it, applying it ...then I am. I have many resources like most who consider themselves successful but I am failing. I am failing my spirit and All that IS by not using those resources to make a better world because I "work" for those who do not appreciate me or my value. You have found the answer Orange Sky. This is how we benefit the planet and help to make it a better place to live in and that is what life is about. Thank you so much!!

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  • It's easy to judge the people we don't know. Take the time this week to have a conversation with someone you wouldn't normally talk to, and be open to learning more about them.

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