For renowned photographer, Sebastião Salgado, photography is a way of life and a language he uses to express things that hurt his heart or make him happy. Salgado's projects have taken six to eight years to complete, requiring extensive travel and extreme lifestyle changes. In this TED talk, Salgado shares a deeply personal story of the project ("Migrations: Humanity in Transition") that almost killed him and his renewal through the re-forestation of the land on which he grew up in Brazil. His latest project, "Genesis" is Salgado's love letter to the planet.


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  • Ginny

    How full one life can be. Instead of thinking that we have come here to do one thing, if we open ourselves to the Infinite we can discover whole new directions and callings to become part of the Co-Creation of the world. There is no coincidence.

  • Marian Call

    What inspired me is what one person can do if he or she has an idea and follows through on that idea. And that working together we can accomplish great things to restore our environment. Love the earth!

  • judy levine

    An amazing humanbeing... blessed to have a partner with the same passion and vision for our planet. They are actually doing something about it!!

  • Brian

    Thanks Team. Powerful message of life...1love...1Earth...peace be with us...1

  • Komal

    Art (Visual and Performing) inspires us to create, preserve and restore. I have always found myself wondering on what is the role/importance/reason of existence of art. After listening to Sebastian, I have come to realise that it is one of the biggest sources of inspiration to mankind. Which brings me to the abundant source which he is channeling his energies in preserving and reviving - Nature and the ecosystem. He is an amazing man and I salute his purity and love as a Human. I loved this video and Thank KarmaTube for sharing it. Much Love, Komal

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    here's to the passion of one married to another so passionate and what they can accomplish when first broken and then come whole again, <3

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  • Sebastião Salgado talks about the importance of trees and forests for the well-being of the planet, including the quality of our air and water. Learn more about forests and water.
  • We can all play a part in re-greening our environment. Plant a tree, whether in your own area or somewhere else in the world.

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