Mansoor Shams is a 34 year old U.S. Marine. He's also a Muslim whose family immigrated to America when he was just 6-years-old. In "Ask Him Anything: This Muslim Marine Wants to Bust Myths About His Faith" from PBS News Hour, Shams travels to 4 western U.S. cities to combat prejudice and open up a dialogue about the fears and prejudices people may have about Muslims and immigrants, often finding common ground with those who stop to talk to him. The xenophobia that has come to the forefront since the 2016 US election inspired him to do something to breakdown stereotypes, "It's helped me to see another America that I thought we had gone far past," he explains. 


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  • Theresa

    Mansoor's courage to meet people in a public forum shows his courage and his faith in a higher level of humanity. This inspires me to meet that level, too.

  • Amy

    Thank you Mansoor for your service to our country and for taking the time and having the courage to interact with people like this. It is really needed in our country. The more the better!!

  • Sameera

    That he has taken on an awesome task in going around on speaking tours to enlighten the American people. We have so-o-o much prejudice here that needs to be dealt with. Thank you Mr. Shams for doing that which we all should be doing.

  • dale

    Your courage is Inspiring.

  • Jackie

    I admire and thank Mansoor for his courage and willingness to make himself a bridge to peace.

  • Dorothy Lynn Brooks

    Thank you. I admire your courage and lovingkindness. You challenge all of us to be better persons, better informed and more tolerant and accepting. Dialogue is very important to combat prejudice--speaking one's truth and especially listening to the other. Thank you for doing this, for being vulnerable and strong.

  • Lorien

    Thank you for having the courage and the compassion to reach out as an ambassador of faith and good will. Your work is an inspiration to us all.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Thank you for using your voice to try to build a bridge!

  • Aarn

    well done Mr Shams.....Takes commitment and strong belief to put yourself out there like this...Great Job. I'm just sorry you had to do this....Tough times...All the best to you and yours

  • Sam P.

    I admire Mr.Sham’s courage. There is a global struggle for the soul of Islam. Who defines what Islam truly means or who a true Muslim is? Whose interpretation of Quran and Hadith is valid? How does Islam interface in and with secular, progressive societies? If I get a chance to speak with him I would very much like to understand the reasons behind the deep issues of gender equality and rights, the rights of those with alternative life styles, those who depict beauty in physical forms, believe, pray and worship differently, accept a different prophet or none at all, are born in the Muslim faith but wish to follow another, the freedom to discuss, question and even be critical of dogmas and dicta on Quran & Hadith without the fear of being threatened, ostracized or killed. How would viewpoints that seem to contradict Sharia be aligned and accepted? The honest question is how many imams, high ranking interpreters of Quran and Hadith or respected opinion makers can truly embrace and live the pluralistic perspective and consequently lead the way to nurture this change in the larger population.

  • Indira Iyer

    It is admirable and courageous to speak for yourself. The message of peace And live is universal. Referencing a religious body of work or Sharia law for universal principles of peace, loyalty etc.makes me wonder-- is it necessary? It is still an indication of blind belief. Sharia law is known to be oppressive to women. Do you blindly follow that as well ?

  • Jennifer Ranz

    It takes courage to speak up and inform people. Open minds and tolerance is what we need more of in this world. Thank you for your message. I admire you Mansoor.

  • Ken

    We all are one. Peace be upon you my brother

  • Michael A. Stilinovich

    Thank you. Blessings to you and your love, Michael

  • Heather

    I'm most inspired (and challenged) by his courage to go out and be vulnerable, knowing there are those wh could potentially want to do him harm. His vision for bringing peace and shutting down bigotry through education and relationship is a reminder to me as a Christian that I'm called to do the same. Thank you!!!

  • Renee

    That Mansoor had the courage to do this at all in this America. Thank you Monsoor

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