“Listening deserves discovery as one of the keys to good society.” Why is this so? This brief video eloquently describes the qualities of good listening and why they matter—so that they can be shared and spread.


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  • Liz

    It is a critical skill in living and loving fully

  • Lucu\ille HamiltonLucillehere@gmail.vo

    I wish I could hear it! There wasn't any volume control that I could find, and it would be extremely helpful to have one so I could hear this essential topic which needs so much attention nowadays. Thank you. p.s. Please do NOT give any one or organization, etc., my email address. Thank you for your consideration. L. Hamilton

  • Iris Curteis

    The ability to listen is a vastly underrated skill. I disagree withe the video that there aren't any book on Listening. Michael Ende's Momo (not just for young adults as we now call them) and Otto Scharmer's Theory U are two works I would recommend with enthusiasm.

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  • Try out another video by The School of Life about listening—and see if it helps shed some light on listening and the source of pleasure in talking with others.
  • Listen to this Native American woman’s description of a “we” that connects and grounds us all to tune into yet another way it is possible to fall out of balance in hearing only one’s own voice.
  • Try making note of some of the techniques in this featured video. Do you feel that there are some you can put into practice more, or ways in which they allow you to appreciate others’ good listening?

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