Wouldn't it be great to wake up to the sound of chirping birds, with fresh air and splendid scenery around? In the concrete jungle of our cities where even house sparrows are fast disappearing, this seems like a dream. But one couple has converted this dream into a reality by creating a wildlife sanctuary of their own. Passionate about wildlife and nature conservation, Pamela and Anil Malhotra bought 55 acres of land in India to plant native trees and protect the environment. Today, they are responsible for creating a wild life sanctuary that now spreads over 300 acres and is home to Bengal tigers, Asian elephants, hyena, wild boar, leopards, and more.


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  • Learn more about SAI Sanctuary Trust and the Malhotras.
  • Watch how one man reforested an area of over 1,400 acres on a river island in a remote area of northeastern India.
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