Progress moves so quickly today it seems as if you can blink and get left behind. As Zakiya Harris, founder of Hack the Hood, says, "Technology isn't the future. It's the now." Many of the best careers are currently found in technology yet, according to DataUSA, 91.4% of programmers are either white or Asian. In 2014 Harris founded Hack the Hood in order to combat this "knowledge divide." The organization has now taught 234 youth in their coding boot camps and more focused after school programs with a 92% completion rate.


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  • Learn more about Hack the Hood. Or you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter.
  • The future is here. Don't get left behind. If you don't know how to code there are many ways to learn online for free.
  • Do you have computer skills you can share? Consider volunteering at a local school or library and teach others.

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