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Rose Broome is "being the change" she wants to see in her world and helping to facilitate the good in people that she knows are compassionate and caring. With all the innovation and resources we have in our communities, where we can pull out our phone and get a ride or a meal delivered to our door, why can't we push another button to help a homeless person sleeping outside in the cold? This question led Broome to develop HandUp, a web-based donation system for the homeless. Today, HandUp operates in 87 cities in the United States and has helped distribute more than $2 million in assistance.


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  • Find out how HandUp works to help fight poverty urban poverty.
  • Learn more about some of the other 2016 NationSwell AllStars, who are using innovative technology to create a better world.
  • Give a hand up to the next homeless person you see on the street, whether directly, or through a homeless services provider.

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