In Tanzania, East Africa, a baby rescue center called Neema Village has saved over 100 abandoned, orphaned, and at-risk infants in just 5 years. The list is long of places the infants have been found -- by the roadside, in a yard, a gravel pit, a hotel, a latrine.​..​ Mostly they are the babies of mothers who have died or were unable to care for them. Doris Fortson, co-founder of Neema Village says, "My husband and I were moved to do something about it for many reasons, including that we were retired and that I had been raised in an orphanage from age four to 18." "You're never too old to make a difference," she adds.


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  • Patricia

    Bless you. I would like to donate money. Please let me know how I can do this.

  • Vicki

    Thank God for those who are AWAKE to the Godness within them! You are blessed and you are blessing.

  • HR

    Very inspiring. A reminder of how lucky and blessed we are

  • Roberta

    This is the way I want to retire too. These people are doing such amazing work and they are the lucky ones. Making the world better with very big small steps.

  • Carol

    Amazing story. Thank you for sharing. May God continue to lead and supply all your needs.

  • Barbara J. Lee

    This is how our world ought to operate. Caring for each other and sharing the abundance of our lives with those who were born into less fortunate circumstances. GOD BLESS these beautiful people!

  • gail ross

    The amazing changes from birth to 2 or three and the devoted care of those to work at Neema Village. Thank you for this post. Does Neema Village accept volunteers?

  • Charlie

    Seeing the world change one soul as a time. How do we donate?

  • snehlata patel

    Beautiful souls -

  • Kay

    What a blessing you are! I felt my heart open and tears fell! Oh, how I'd love to visit! Thank you!

  • mary

    ....the blessings you shower on others everyday

  • Evie

    Everything about this video inspired me. Thank you.

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  • Learn more about Neema Village and how you can participate in their work.
  • Watch the inspiring story of Maggie Doyne "A 23-year-old Mother of ​​30."
  • Reach out to a child in your own family or community who could use a little extra love in their lives.​

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