This powerfully moving talk by the founder of the first free standing pediatric palliative respite care center in the U.S. challenges us to provide for children with terminal illnesses, and their families, the same level of support and comfort available to adults in hospice settings. George Mark Children's House provides the comfort, calm and peace that families need to make the most of every day of their child's life, even knowing that the time they have will be cut short. A nourishing place with beautiful outdoor gardens, comfortable family rooms, play equipment adapted for use by children with challenges, and visiting therapy camels along with more traditional therapy pets, the Children's House offers a peaceful home in which to both celebrate a child's life and mourn their death.


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  • Liz

    Love, Light, and Compassion in action!!

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  • Learn more about the George Mark Children's House and how to support their work.
  • Read about an incredible foster father for terminally ill children.
  • How can you change the journey today for someone going through an emotionally painful time? Ask yourself "Why not?" and do it. 

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