Why do we caution our daughters more than our sons, when as young children they often have the same levels of strength, the same innate capacity for taking risks? How do we break out of our own conditioning, wanting to protect girls, encouraging them to "be careful," in the same situation where we might encourage boys to be risk takers? Caroline Paul, firefighter, para-glider, and all-around brave adventurer, challenges us to explore how we can raise gutsy girls who can then become brave women.


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  • Cay Crow

    I think this topic is one of the multiple dimensions of the cultural conversation around sexual harassment and sexual assault. How can a girl stand up for herself if she was taught to be timid? How can a girl understand and respond to gender discrepancies and the abuse of power unless she has experiences that teach her about these things?

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  • Learn more about Caroline Paul and her book "The Gutsy Girl: Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure."
  • Access a wealth of resources for raising competent and courageous girls.
  • When a young girl in your life expresses fear of doing something she wants to do, how will you assist her in accessing her bravery?

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