Caitlin Doughty is a funeral industry insider who advocates for drastic reform of Western burial practices. In this provocative and thought provoking TED Talk she points out the excessive environmental and financial costs of existing burial practices and advocates for acceptance that humans, like all living creatures, are meant to die and decay. She discusses eco-friendly alternatives such as re-composting and conservation burial, free from reliance on chemicals and the wasting of resources. Answering her own question, "Will this solve climate change?" Ms. Doughty states, "No, but it will make bold moves in how we see ourselves as citizens of this planet."


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  • Cay Crow

    I could not agree more with the idea of a natural burial. This is the one aspect of my demise that I have not addressed; what to do with my body beyond donating the organs. I like the idea of animals picking my bones clean. A true return to earth.

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  • Learn more about natural burial from The Order of the Good Death.
  • Read about existing eco-friendlier forms of burial.
  • Take the time to ponder your vision of what will happen to your body after death. Write down your thoughts and revisit and revise your wishes as you see fit. .

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