We've all heard the mantra: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. But what about all the packing material that comes with every new appliance? Styrofoam is one of the hardest things to recycle. Curbside programs don't take it. Few companies will touch it because there is no profit to be made. Watch how a group of teenagers "took a problem that many people said was impossible and made it possible."


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  • Styrofoam is one of the hardest things to recycle, taking up over 25% of space in global landfills, but there are some companies that take it.
  • Ashton Cofer's message is to never give up.  The next time you feel you have hit a dead end, look around and try to find a new perspective on the situation.
  • You can take those packing peanuts to most shipping stores and they will reuse them.  Also, the next time you go out to eat bring along your own container to take home those tasty leftovers.

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