J David Bamberger's story begins like that of many self-made millionaires. He worked long hours, selling vacuum cleaners door to door, until he made enough money to co-found Church's Chicken, which made him a wealthy man. It is what he did next that set him apart. Inspired by the Amish in his home state of Ohio, Bamberger held the earth in reverence. In 1959 this passion led him to seek out a parcel of land that was in bad shape, somewhere that was dried out, over grazed, and desolate. He found that place and named it Selah, a word from the book of Psalms that reminds us to take time to stop and reflect on the beauty around us.


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  • Hazel Potvin

    Let’s do what he did. Reclaim damaged land and let nature work the way it should

  • Della Barbato

    J David is teaching about the huge benefits of native grasses with their deep roots!

  • Robert

    A beautiful story. What an inspirational man

  • Loree

    I am also unable to watch. Has the link been corrupted?

  • Jerri

    Help I have attempted to watch this film 5 or 6 times to me avail! No problem with other!!!!! PEas n Carrots

  • Sara Cohen

    Such a beautiful film! This ranch is one of the places where I got to experience nature's wildness as a kid, spending time here many happy summers. So grateful for the kindness, big heartedness and far-sight of Mr. Bamberger. One memorable story he would tell is about his momma, who one day in her older age woke up, put little notes on everything in her cabin, intended to explain to him what special meaning that item held for her (maybe where it came from or which season she used it in), and then she walked out to sit under one of her favorite trees, and that's where she passed on from this life. She was so connected to nature's greater reality that she just knew it was her time to go. Bless him for sharing these gifts of wisdom and access.

  • MaryLynn

    The inspiration I got from Mr.Bamberger is he took something unlovely and made it beautiful. The fact that he didn't give up on the land. Persistence paid off.What an example for mankind. Nature is rewarding in so many ways, let us continue to strive to protect it. Thank you Mr.Bamberger.

  • Sharonmo

    What Mr Bamberger found out about our purpose here, "to be stewards of the natural world," and what I have found out about healing yourself and your life, is the same. It is simply to work with nature not against it, because nature heals itself like your body heals itself. I understand what he is saying here at the deepest level of my soul. Finally he says that we need to have a spirit of sharing and not of possession and competition which separates us and turns us into greedy, selfish and destructive forces in life. Thank you Mr. Bamberger for your love.

  • Eef Kolkman

    Mr. Bamberger did good with the money he made and made the desert bloom.

  • Anne Mullen

    What inspired you about this video? It is HOPEFUL!! Thank you for sharing. I will share also.

  • Sandip Sheta

    Have you also learned that secret from the river; that there is no such thing as time?" That the river is everywhere at the same time, at the source and at the mouth, at the waterfall, at the ferry, at the current, in the ocean and in the mountains, everywhere and that the present only exists for it, not the shadow of the past nor the shadow of the future.

  • Bijan

    Working with Mother Nature instead of against her. And Selah. Such an apt name for this project!

  • Tisha

    How one person can make a difference, working with nature. The importance of planting grasses for sequestering water - hear a lot about trees but not much how essential grasslands are for preservation.

  • Elsie Maio

    The humility to allow Nature to engineer the way.

  • Kent Cathcart

    What a superbly orchestrated video....edting music content just a treasure that convinces me I will loyally follow what ever you folks generously make available...thanks

  • Marsha Bell

    Simple powerful solutions sponsored by Mother Earth!

  • Azaniah

    The proof of resurrection comes in many ways not visable to the busy mind. This man understands the concept of Bue Mind!

  • Navneet Singh

    Kudos to Mr. Bamberger for giving mother nature a helping hand.

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  • Learn more about the Bamberger Ranch Preserve where you can go on a tour, attend a workshop, or take part in the annual family day picnic in May.
  • Read the book Water from Stone by Jeffrey Greene to better understand the life and mission of J David Bamberger as well as his legacy.
  • Revitalize your own area. One of the best things you can do for your environment is to plant a tree, providing air, food, and beauty to the world for years to come.

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