The story of Najah and Zahed is an affirmation of how our common humanity can reach across political and religious borders. In the documentary, My Enemy, My Brother, two former enemies, Zahed and Najah, fought in the Iran-Iraq War. Sworn enemies, one saves the other’s life. By chance, twenty-five years later they meet again in Canada. Once more, one saves the life of the other.


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  • victoria carlton

    beautiful, inspiring story!

  • Ghanashyam Khadka

    Amazing story of human suffering and compassion!

  • Julia

    It's a beautiful story of how kindness begets kindness even in the most unlikely circumstances. No matter what your beliefs, the underlying goodness in people prevailed.

  • Jyoti

    Very touching real narrative! Wonder why there is so much of haterate when basically all of us have same norms for all our feelings?! Pray for world peace and brotherhood

  • Daughter_of_atomic_bomb_survivor

    "No one likes war; no human likes war. But we had no choice." My mom said the similar thing when she talked about WWII. Thanks for posting this beautiful and timely video about humanity on the day after the Memorial Day of the End of the War.

  • Diane

    It is amazing how the universe helps us in our lives. Beautiful story of love and how we can cross borders of hatred.

  • b

    Ultimately, it's our common humanity that will bring us together.

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