A film by Chad Harper.

How do you respond when moved by compassion? Here is a story of two travelers who befriended 3 homeless teens in Nicaragua. Not offering soundbite answers or glossy narratives, this story is presented in raw form using home-filmed footage. As the arc of the story unfolds (and continues still), viewers are invited to couch the question of "How do I become the change in this situation?" within the question, "How do I lead with relationships first?"


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  • Allow yourself to be moved, as the protagonists do. Without needing to fix or change anything right away, as Joanna Macy offers, learn to "befriend your despair."
  • Learn about grassroots service efforts and how they arose, including Hip Hop Saves Lives.
  • What does it mean to you to put relationships first? Whether toward people, plant, or land, what is one next step for you to develop a relationship of mutuality?

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