One woman, hundreds of goats, 365 days of the year equals innovation in the realm of environmental care. Lani Malmberg is an inspiration for eco-action, with her work focused on non-toxic land care in the form of herding goats to pastures that would otherwise use health and environmentally harmful pesticides. Drawing from her multiple degrees in weed science, biology, botany and environmental restoration, she came to this innovative alternative to pesticides in weed management, utilizing the natural behavior of goats. Goats clear the vegetation and recycle these weeds through their gut to offer nutrition for the soil. In this video, Lani candidly shares her work on Maui, and expresses the energy of earth compassion and innovation to inspire us all. Her main motivation? To be a model and set an example for others to follow.


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  • Cindy

    Brilliant. We simply have to stop using pesticides. They’re killing us. The use of goats is no-brainer as our ancestors knew. Thankyou Lani for bringing this so intelligently to the 21st century.

  • Ash McDaniel

    I lived in the California Bay Area for 20 years, where I was introduced to the use of goats for weed and brush management throughout the regional parks. Incredibly successful there, and I'm really glad this practice is starting to spread to other parts of the country. Lani Malmberg really knows her goats and science. TEDTalk, Lani, TEDTalk, if you haven't already! Everyone in this video inspired me because they are all willing to turn away from ecologically disastrous use of pesticides.

  • Eleni

    Innovative tool that is cheap, not poisonous and great for the soil. Win win!

  • Betsy

    Her knowledge and love

  • Carolyn Reinhart

    She is putting theory into practice and teaching others so the understanding can lead to health for the animals and the land. Her commitment is commendable.

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  • Find out more about Beyond Pesticides, the organization that facilitated the goat weeding pilot project in Maui.
  • Read about some of the dangers of pesticide use to human health as well as the environment.
  • Where in your life could you use an eco-friendly alternative? Using natural cleaning alternatives? Finding your own pesticide-free gardening regime?

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