Robert Gupta has played the violin all his life, studying at Juilliard and joining the LA Philharmonic at 19, but he also holds a very special interest in neurobiology and mental health. Throughout his adult life, Robert has walked a bridge between medicine and music, but the journey to get there was a long one. In his TED Talk, Robert talks about the effects music has on the brain, telling stories about his interactions with the homeless and more. He even started a street symphony to offer the homeless, veterans with PTSD, and others, musical support to help them heal — even if it’s just for a little bit.


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  • Find out more about the mind, music, and medicine in this interview with Robert Gupta.
  • Music is good for us in so many ways. Here are five ways music can make you healthier.
  • How can you use music to bring light to somebody else's life this week?

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