"I know they are sick. I know they are going to die." Mohamed Bzeek has spent the past twenty years caring for terminally ill foster children, taking them to doctors' visits, tending to special needs, celebrating birthdays, and sacrificing sleep. When the Los Angeles county Department of Children and Family Services has a child who is not going to make it, he's the man they call. No one else will take them. But Bzeek doesn't just care for them; he loves them. Fearlessly. With all his heart. Knowing it will end in pain and loss. Of his current foster child, he says, "I know she can't hear, can't see, but I always talk to her. I'm always holding her, playing with her ... She has feelings. She has a soul. She's a human being." For Bzeek, these aren't just words; they're his life.


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  • Kay

    You inspire me to examine what I can do to serve more. May the love you give come back too you a hundred fold.

  • Anne Marie

    So touching...that someone can give like that to kids that others don't want. Thank you, Mohamed, for your open heart that affects so many.

  • Devyani

    Amazing man. He is truly an angel to these children. We should all try to help.

  • Gemma

    How to love outside of the box. Bless this man and all the hearts he has inspired.

  • JC

    What inspired you about this video?God Bless this man. There is a place in Heaven for him.His heart is so very big.

  • LR

    I am so touched by his kind, gentle and big heart. What an amazing man, and a good example to all of us that we all need to do our part for those that are alone. He is so inspiring to me. If I get well and can get a vehicle, I would like to do this. Children should not have to go through terminal illness alone. Thank you for this video. This touched my heart so much. I am so happy people can see the good side of Islam as well.

  • JJ

    I am really touched by this man's big heart and devotion to his god. He is a treasure & a teacher to all of us. To me he is a true saint. Thank you so much. You made my day and more determined to be kinder to all beings whom I may encounter everyday. May Allah be with you always.

  • Nancy Di Giorgio

    The immensity of this man's heart to be a loving presence in the last stages of a child's life to love them into their next life IS profound. What strength of soul and character he has. In my view he honors and pays tribute to ALLAH - may we all do as well in the name of what ever God Goddess or religion we follow. Be it a Tree- the Kabbalah - Nature as expressed by the Native Americans and Aboriginals across the planet. May those that call themselves Christians or Buddhists etc learn something about love from this man_ Taking in 80 children in 20 years despite his own health issues.

  • darryl hammond

    A very heart warming video.This man is truly a loving and caring person.The fact that he is a not a christain,speaks that god serves everyone that seeks him....I will include him and his little angels in my prayers.

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