When Leah Pearlman was four years old, she decided she would go to an Ivy League college because she'd heard those were the best, yet she had no idea what that really meant. She spent the next thirteen years striving and sacrificing to achieve that goal. After college, Learlman continue to do the "right" things, including working at Facebook and developing the "Like" button. Eventually, she began to ask herself what really mattered to her and to listen to that voice inside. Her story here may lead one to wonder: am I living my life this way because someone else told me to? What if you instead began to live the life you want to create for yourself?


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  • If you lived your life without worrying what other people thought, what would you do that would really light you up? For inspiration visit Dharma Comics.
  • Make a vision board of what you would like your life to look like. Allow yourself to dream and create. It is possible that when we love ourselves and allow ourselves to dream, we are freer to love others. 
  • Practice gentle, in the moment listening. Access your inner knowing apart from your worries about what you think others think you should do. Find a friend with whom to share this listening and explore the journey of living the life you want.

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