Lorna Crane is an artist, but she is also an explorer with a deep connection to the land. Combing the Australian beach, Crane hunts for feathers, leaves, fishing wire-- any items that she can fashion into painting brushes. As she paints with these found objects, she finds joy in the unexpected: "The freshness and spontaneity you can't get with anything else." Her creations are both "of the landscape as well as from the landscape."


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  • Cjen

    I love how this is so connect with nature. Really like that fact that she is making the brushes and then you watch it come alive on the video.

  • micki

    It's message to me is to let go of the end result and trust the process of living.

  • Brian

    Thanks Team. Good for Her. A cool example of finding peace through working our energy out in positive ways. Be encouraged in U. 1World. Many Cultures. Peace

  • Kathryn Uster

    There is nothing more intimate in the creation of art than using the natural. The elements for creating are all around us. To be an artist is to really "see." So we must always look. A wonderful video to spark individual creativity. 😊

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  • Learn more about Lorna's art and work through her website.
  • Watch this video of Peter Donnelly, the Sand Dancer whose ephemeral beach art inspires thousands.
  • Look at the landscape about you. What treasures are hiding in plain sight? Is there a discarded object you can artfully repurpose?

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