In the aftermath of a building collapse in East Delhi, India, that left some dead and more suffering, Omkar Nath Sharma felt helpless. Before his very eyes, people in pain, some dying, needed medicine but had no money. And the local hospital could not help. Then it struck him: maybe people had medicine in their homes that they no longer needed. Though he was 80 years old, he could walk, he could talk, he could collect medicine for the needy. So he started calling out to people in their homes from the street, "Do you have any medicines that are not of use to you?" And he collected castoffs to give to those who needed the medicine. Then, the movement grew. This short video tells the story of Medicine Baba, whose successful operation with humble beginnings has saved countless lives. 


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  • Paula Santos

    How nice to find such a noble purpose in life. And the generous smile when going about this demanding act of "begging" for help. There is no age limit to be good, to be useful, to help others, to feel alive. Thank you Baba.

  • Steffi Black

    That one man, at 80 years old, decided to do something about others' suffering. Inspirational Truly. Love what you share on your site. Continual inspiration.

  • Trushar Patel

    He remains positive despite the critics. An amazing human being.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Amazing what one can do when one takes action. Thank you medicine baba <3

  • Elizabeth A. Landers

    If an 80 yr. old man can do such a noble, inspiring thing, why can't I Marshall my energy to do good to others. I can & I will.

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  • Visit Medicine Baba's website for more information on this remarkable man.
  • Find out where to donate unneeded drugs in the U.S.
  • Collect for the needy. Whether it's sneakers, cell phones, or business suits, ask your friends if they have anything they don't need, and give to those who do.

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