In 2011, Joi Ito, Director of the MIT Media Lab., had a need to understand what was happening in the aftermath of an earthquake in Japan and the nuclear disaster in Fukushima. Because that information was not readily available, he created a way to find it. With the world moving so rapidly, a new approach to innovation was needed. Ito has coined a new word to describe people changing the paradigm of innovation. Rather than futurists, he calls them "now-ists" for living and working from the ground up. Ito's TED Talk features his journey and what we as human beings can do to join the movement.


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  • Read Ito's nine principles for how to survive our faster future as outlined in his co-authored book 'Whiplash.'
  • Read "To Save the Present Live in the Future" an essay by Wendell Berry.
  • Practice being open and alert to your environment for a week. Note one thing you saw with new awareness each day.

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