Farmer John had an orphaned lamb among his flock. Instead of stepping in to help, he made the painful decision to let the herd work it out. The Orphan here must endure some bitter rejection but “He doesn’t give up." Once he stopped chasing the flock that was incapable of seeing him, an instinct emerged, like a whisper in his ear. "Nourish yourself and the world will be drawn to you.”


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  • Shra

    When life give you lemons make lemon juice out of it.. Jokes apart, Self-acceptance is the key to resolve and make a path forward.

  • Paul Kaye

    Was very touched by this. Resonant, inspiring message. Great artistry. Thank you!

  • Mansukh Shah

    Nice video, but what does Farmer John do with the lamb flock ? Does he send them to the slaughter house ? Is Farmer John a vegan ?

  • Anna

    I liked the message that adversity can bring to light hidden strengths in oneself. No self pity. Just get up and work it out.

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