This poignant video asks the thought provoking questions:What is the role of humans on the planet in relationship to the environment? How do we learn to be co-evolutionary participants with the environment, based on an understanding of how ecosystems work? Solving climate change is seen as only the beginning, as we also need to change our fundamental relationship with other systems that support life: water, earth, habitat and each other. How do we protect our planet, like we protect our children, while also allowing it to have a life and develop, to evolve? The Regenesis Group brings focus to these issues, giving hope that the answers can be found through working together.


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  • Priscilla Auchincloss

    Nice to think there's a step - steps - to take after we get through climate change. Though honestly it doesn't look like we get through without changing our relationship with nature, at the deepest levels. Changing the fundamental story, as many others have said and are saying (like Charles Eisenstein). Inspired to learn more of the tools from Regenesis.

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