A film by HooplaHa.

The Kindness Rocks Project blossomed out of one woman's response to her own personal challenges. Founder Megan Murphy turned to the beaches of Cape Cod while navigating a difficult time in her life. On one of her walks by the ocean, the inspiration came to her to plant rocks decorated with artful images and uplifting phrases across the beach for other people to discover. Fueled by this mission to serve others and brighten their day, Megan placed over 200 rocks a week across Cape Cod and within a few months her conspiracy of kindness spread like wildfire. Now found in 9 countries, the Kindness Rocks Project is demonstrating to the world that simple acts of positivity and kindness can change lives and encourage the good in all of us. Watch this short film on how one woman's soul-searching walks on the beach turned into a movement.


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  • Learn more about The Kindness Rocks Project and how you can get involved.
  • Watch The Brush Maker, a video featuring Lorna Crane, an Australian artist who turns feathers and found objects on the beach into beautiful brushes.
  • Make something today with your own two hands and gift it to someone else. It can be as simple as a cup of tea, a handwritten note, a bouquet of wildflowers, or a little smiley on a post-it!

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