The act of bowing is a prominent gesture in eastern cultures that signifies veneration and gratitude towards universal creation. This video celebrates the spirit of gratitude and kindness as a bunch of children from the slums of Ahmedabad, India, discover the joy of bowing and come together to help the women who bow continuously in their service towards a cleaner environment. Every midnight, millions of woman join forces to clean Indian cities by picking up recyclable solid waste. They work in deplorable conditions with negligible recognition, bending down more than 1,000 times a day. As the children recognize the thankless nature of this job, they set out on a midnight adventure of kindness to bring smiles to several friends of the environment.


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  • Learn more about these Friends of the Environment and the endeavors being carried out to support them.
  • Matin Luther King once said, everybody can be great... because everybody can serve. Look around, someone is waiting for your help! Realize that it is only in giving that you can fully receive.
  • Develop an attitude of gratitude. Recognize how bowing and thanking can bring real happiness.. Learn the benefits of gratitude.

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