There are people around the world who are living in poverty or live in remote villages that do not have electricity or access to healthcare. Many healthcare and scientific tools are expensive and require electricity. Inventor Manu Prakash came up with a solution to help make science and healthcare accessible to everyone, even those who may not be able to afford them. His lab sent foldscope microscopes to kids around the world, which helps them teach others about science and healthcare needs in an affordable way. The tools he makes are created out of everyday objects that are inexpensive to purchase. These tools are saving lives and making science accessible to more and more people.


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  • Learn more about Manu Prakash's work and the Foldscope microscopes
  • Find out about Barefoot College, which teaches rural men and women in India to create solutions to meet needs in their own villages.
  • If a child you know is interested in science but is unable to afford any aspect of the interest, help them find a way to participate in a way they can afford. 

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