For over 33 years, Linda Myers, founder of the nonprofit organization Adopt-A-Native-Elder, has been helping traditional Navajo members living in eleven different areas of the Navajo Indian reservations of Utah and Arizona. There, far from most human eyes, Linda visits over 500 traditional Navajo members, bringing them medical supplies, wheelchairs, walkers, food boxes, firewood, and even yarn for making weavings in the way passed down to them over generations. This eye-opening video gives an inside view not only into the difficult-to-believe level of hardship faced by Native Americans living on reservations today, but also into the magic of a culture quietly living out its continuation with the help of one woman’s heart and will.


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  •  Learn more about Linda’s work at Adopt-A-Native-Elder.
  • Hear more Native American voices describing life on reservations, and learn about some ways that you can help this population.
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