This video is a trailer for SuryaGanga, a film on the conflict between India's land, energy, water and people. In the film, a young girl wonders why vast stretches of the Ganga River Basin in the Himalayas are drying up. She and her family set out on an adventure to seek some answers. What are the effects of massive energy projects including intense damming and coal on the revered river? Can renewable energy like solar and wind power help to save the vanishing river, which serves as the source of drinking water for almost 500 million people? This search for answers is both timely and essential.


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  • Learn more about the film SuryaGanga
  • Become informed on the many efforts to bring access to clean water to millions of people who lack this life giving resource.
  • The next time you stand under a shower of hot running water or drink from a tap, gratefully consider the source of this precious resource.

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