No one knows how it got started, but someone thought of hanging a few jackets and shirts on a wall for people in need, and pretty soon the idea spread. Walls all over the country became decorated with hooks for jackets and blankets. Then people began leaving other things as well. Books. A refrigerator. Anything that would help the less fortunate get through the winter.


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  • Alejandro Allen

    The fact that gifts are given like this without thought of where it will go is inspiring. I noticed my own mindset when watching this video being centered around "but what if the people who come and get the jackets don't actually need them and they just want it because they like it?" I recognize this as the mindset of fear of being vulnerable and and wanting assurance, when that doesn't really seem to be in the spirit of gift. So watching things like this reminds me of the spirit.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Beautiful! Here's to helping each other and also to breaking stereotypes! The best hospitality I've ever received was in Iran in 2015 while performing in their international storytelling festival. I feel forever blessed after that experience <3

  • Cindy

    Great idea! And o so important forso many in need. ❤️

  • James britt

    I was in Toronto Canada a few years back. The neighborhood I was walking through had small lean to sheds where folks could leave and take things. Good idea I thought.

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  • Take a look at another example of citizens taking action by providing free food to their neighbors.
  • Start or join an organization in your area that collects gently used clothing and household things that others could pick up easily, with "no loss of dignity." This guide (for churches) might be a start.
  • Think how you could donate your extra clothing through whatever means are available. Be inventive like the Iranians. Remember that clothing isn't garbage to be thrown away. Pass it on!

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