Just like fear is contagious, so is courage, says artist Damon Davis. When he joined protests in Ferguson, Missouri, after Michael Brown was killed by police in 2014, he found more love than anger ... until the police showed up, trying to scare everyone into submission. But instead of fear, what he found among protestors more than anything else was courage. This inspired him to ask himself, as an artist, what he could do to express this new courage, and how he could convey this to others. In this TED talk, Damon Davis talks about the two projects that were born out of this experience, and calls on us to use our gifts to "break us from the fear that binds us every day."


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  • Learn more about Davis' related projects: All Hands on Deck, a people's movement for human rights that anyone can join and spread.
  • Read How Do We Respond, contemplating the role of artist as activist, which features images of art meant to inspire transformation.
  • Imagine what it would feel like to be spontaneously courageous instead of fearful. Prepare yourself to face adversity or initiate change instantaneously today.

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