Allison Ledgerwood is a social psychologist who describes herself as a professional people watcher. Through her research she has learned that negative thoughts have a significant impact on how we perceive our lives and the world. Failures seem to stick in our minds far more readily than the positive events that happen to us. Once the loss concept gets stuck in our minds, we tend to stay with that mindset. In this video she explores the reasons for this and how we can work compassionately with our minds so as to make the best of negative situations.


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  • Kristin Pedemonti

    and compassion for everyone, no exceptions. Look for the good, see the good <3

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    And this is why I start my day with either Daily Good or Awaken or Karma tube <3 And why I've kept a gratitude journal since 1999 <3 works!

  • sara

    This topic is so incredibly important. Most of the people I know are constantly complaining about the affairs of the world which they seem to feel are dreadful. I love it that the cure is as simple as keeping a gratitude journal. I feel so blessed in so many ways and am very very grateful for what I have and I think as a member of the Baha'i Faith I believe that the future holds great promise for world unity.

  • Marc

    Really good. The studies aren’t surprising at all, particularly in the US given so much of the country has gotten away from faith based principles and communities for many decades now. More the reason and more important for groups like service space to continue to hold space for gratitude, acceptance, and prayer, and for us to continually remind ourselves, friends and loved ones to look for the best, funniest and most grateful moments of each day. Thanks for sharing

  • rajesh

    Hope to practice it starting tonight! Thank you!

  • birju

    thank you!! much appreciated today :)

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  • Allison Ledgerwood's research confirms that resisting negative thoughts and feelings strengthens them.  Listen to this guided meditation to practice allowing negative thoughts to be released.
  • Read this article on positive thinking to expand your capacity to experience joy in your life and make a difference in the world.
  • Make a gratitude list at the start or the end of your day, working with special care to view the presumed negative events in a new light. 

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