A Reforest India film.

Wonder how a river came to flow? Wonder what keeps her going? This story, from the perspective of the river Kaveri in India, is a story of rivers everywhere. Where forests grow, rivers flow. When forests die, rivers go dry. The only way to revive rivers is to bring back the forests that we have lost, and protect the forests that we have left. Forests store and release water more effectively and efficiently than any manmade dam or canal. And every tree helps grow a forest. Let there be forests. Let there be water. 


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  • Dawn Morrison

    this video is an incredibly moving and inspiring expression of our great Mother's love and pain being suffered...it makes me want to go deeper within myself to nurture the great feminine healing energy and unconditional love that Mothers have for the children. So much needs to be healed, and it can only be by working in the affective domain that is our hearts and deep, deep love for the earth, for one another and for beauty in nature...in deep, deep gratitude. All my relations <3

  • Frances

    The story is told beautifully and powerfully with a strong and important message about conservation.

  • Ellen

    What incredibly beautiful digital storytelling. Those three minutes of emotion are worth three hours of information in motivation gained.

  • John Porter

    United Kingdom is a small country. Lush green can be seen everywhere. The parks of London are the lungs of London. Salmon swim again in the river Thames. Despite this many species are dying and our woodlands and forests are shrinking. This film is stark reminder to human beings everywhere. One day our blue and green planet will be no more.

  • Loriel Golden

    The music and photography are superb. The fact that there is something the viewer can do to reforest India by donating $ to the website shown at the end. More time should have been given to the solutions of planting Trees...Show people joyfully and vigorously planting Trees.....

  • Cindy

    Lovely music, incredible photography and editing. Prayers that the message is heard far and wide!

  • chaska

    Cinematography perfectly expresses the message....simple direct true, this should be shown on every TV in India, as a commercial, and people everywhere could donate. Put people to work planting trees! This film maker has great accomplishments in his work, now it needs wide wide exposure

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  • Plant a tree today, for someone you love, for the love of children, and for the love of mother earth.

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