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“Peace is harmony.” That is the belief of violinist Hyung Joon Won. Born in S Korea, Won grew up in a country split in two, where citizens of the North and South have no contact with or knowledge about one another. A child prodigy, Won studied at Julliard in New York at the age of 13, then traveled the world honing and sharing his craft. In 2009 he returned to his homeland and founded the Lindenbaum Festival Orchestra with the ambitious dream of uniting the two Koreas. “Conflict happens… when there’s no communication for groups, or for people…. When we are gathered through music we learn instantly how to communicate.”


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  • Find out how this musician was able to bridge the divide across enemy lines.
  • Do you play a musical instrument? Consider using your gift to bring people together. Give an impromptu performance at the park or on your porch.

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