When a mother of three daughters learned that she was expecting her fourth child, she desperately hoped for a boy. Feeling pressure from her close family and community to have a son, she was isolated when she gave birth to a daughter, and treated as though she'd committed a sin. In learning about this mother's predicament, primary school teacher Pushpa Kumari held a school rally to celebrate the birth of the baby girl, determined to maintain the dignity of the child and her mother. In this inspiring video, a village comes together to honor the sacredness of every life while bringing about a series of changes to affirm the value of education and community participation.


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  • Learn more about how Zero Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives is paving the way for improved education practices and positive student outcomes.
  • Complement this video by learning more about the importance of gender equality and creating opportunities for empowerment for women and girls worldwide.
  • This week, take one step to engage with your community more: join a local group for a cause you care about, sign up to volunteer, or simply get to know your neighbors better.

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