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“No man is an island,” says Nizar Mohd Shariff, founder of Free Food for All (FFA), a volunteer-run organization that prepares free meals for the elderly, low-income, and disabled residents of Singapore. While FFA was founded in order to provide free halal meals for the less fortunate, to Nizar, “our food is meant for everyone.” Since 2015, FFA has given over 320,000 meals—that’s 292 meals a day. Finding its vitality in its enormous, diverse body of volunteers, which includes schoolchildren, retirees, and working class families, the FFA does more than feed the hungry. It creates a community whose internal bonds are the living expression of its investment in them: “a community project for the community, by the community.”


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  • Learn more about the life and ongoing efforts of the FFA.
  • Witness another powerful example of both the possibility and the impact of collective decision-making in this story of a Colorado town taking control of its energy supply.  
  • How might you be able to be a force of connection within your own community? 

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