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Mitrovica, Kosovo is divided physically by a bridge separating the Serbian north from the Albanian south. It is also separated socially. Musicians Without Borders created The Mitrovica Rock School to use the unifying power of music to bring people of different backgrounds together. The school initially met in neighboring Macedonia, but there are now branches of the school set up on both sides of the bridge. The school’s goal is to get away from defining students by their ethnicity and focus on the other aspects of who they are, such as being a drummer or enjoying a certain style of music. Take a look at the power of rock and roll in action.


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  • Learn more about the Mitrovica Rock School.
  • Read more about the other programs that Musicians Without Borders is involved with around the world.
  • Take time to learn about other cultures and ethnicities, and be willing and open to get to know people who come from different backgrounds. 

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