This inspirational short documentary tells the unfathomable comeback story of Tim Don, the fastest Ironman triathlete of all time, after breaking his neck in a cycling crash. Coming just days before the Ironman World Championships, where Tim was a favorite to top the podium, the crash looked to have ended not only Tim's hopes of becoming World Champion, but potentially his career. Despite the long road to recovery ahead, Tim's resolve to fight for his dream was clear. Walk the comeback trail with Tim on a journey filled with bravery in the face of adversity, determination and, above all, inspiration.


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  • Elizabeth Guida

    The incredible resolve and courage to move past doubt, pain and potential 'failure' is the 'Divine Self' in action. . . Tim has the Heart of a Lion! In doing so, Tim Don impacted more brothers/sisters with his indomitable Spirit and Light that truly inspired so many bringing out the BEST in ALL of us . . . .a complete WIN/WIN of the highest order, allowing the God/Goddess within to Lead! Namaste!

  • chris johnnidis

    LOVED the perseverance and life embracing attitude, and just rallying of support and good energy. Reminds me of research presented in the book "Changeology" that claimed the two greatest factors for success in a chosen (attainable :)) goal are 1) self-efficacy (belief in oneself) and 2) others believing in you (to accomplish that goal). Tim had both of those in spades, what a blessing; and what an inspiration to showcase that for others. Should be quite a special vibe in Kona this coming Oct 2018...

  • anonemoose monk

    Imagine applying this same resolve to love and social justice in the world?! Go and do small things in great love and see the impact that you have as part of an army of LOVE. }:- ❤️

  • yvonne McAskill

    the extent that he believed in himself...that he pushed his doubts away...and was able to do his best...that is what we would alllike to be able to do

  • Franko

    Great sponsorship opportunities are available with Tim Don.

  • Vinod Eshwer

    It’s amazing what a human can do if he loses his halo :)

  • Aabha

    Life is all about attitude and perspective!

  • Lillian Sylvester

    Thank you for reminding me that " one is ever defeated until defeat is accepted as reality."--Napoleon Hill Godspeed with the rest of your goals!

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