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Most of us have had some experience with immigrants, whether just seeing them on the news or having a family move next door. But how well do you know these individuals? There are almost 164,000 refugees and asylum seekers in Malaysia. In 2016, three university students started the Picha Project, named for the young child of a family they sought to help. Now their 11 partner families from five different countries are enriching the lives of other Malaysians, teaching them about their cultures, traditions, families, and friendships, all by sharing food. Through the Picha Project, Malaysians can have an event catered or purchase meal boxes, but the best opportunity lies in their open houses. There you can sit at the table with a refugee family and bridge the gap between your communities. Upneet Kaur Nagpal says "Home is where we eat together." What better way to welcome a family in crisis than to share a meal?


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  • Follow the Picha Project on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with their story.
  • If you are in Malaysia, order a meal box or attend an open house.
  • Get to know the refugees in your area. Invite a neighbor to dinner or bring them a box of local treats. You may end up receiving much more than you give.

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